UX Fundamentals And Leading Design Trends in 2021

Let’s admit it – 2020 changed UX design perceptions and, well, the course of people’s lives in many ways. Now the amount of time spent online is far more than before and that is why user experience is so important.  Here we want to present you the leading trends in UI/UX design to create theContinue reading “UX Fundamentals And Leading Design Trends in 2021”

How To Write The Perfect About Us Page

When it comes to organizing their online presence, the “About” or “About Us” page is usually something of an afterthought for most people. It’s usually regarded as a dull detail that needs to be filled out for completion’s sake. Many people just toss some random tidbits on there, so that you can get to workContinue reading “How To Write The Perfect About Us Page”

What is Keyword Research? (And Why Is It Important?)

In spite of what heaps of articles online claim, keywords are still the cornerstone of SEO. It is true that keyword optimization has changed dramatically multiple times over the last decade or so. However, that does not diminish the importance of keywords for SEO or the need to research, update and improve them.

How To Grow Your Business with Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a powerful tool that has been growing in relevance over the past few years, and a business would be remiss to pass it up. To use it effectively in this day and age, you need to have a solid understanding of what influencer marketing is. So, keep reading to find out howContinue reading “How To Grow Your Business with Influencer Marketing”

A Freelancer’s Comprehensive Guide: What to Do If Your Clients Are Walking All Over You

When a freelancer offers a professional service, they deal with a variety of individuals with an array of needs and wants. However, when doing so, a freelancer must maintain certain standards without compromising the consumer.