Starting a digital marketing business during the Coronavirus (and why it’s not as crazy as it sounds!)

Digital marketing entrepreneur
Digital marketing entrepreneur
Digital marketing entrepreneur

There’s no denying that the world is facing a set of new circumstances and challenges in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. As we learn to adapt, and find ourselves with a lot more free time on our hands, and as businesses look for new ways to communicate with their customers, and keep up with the shifting consumer habits, this could be the perfect opportunity to get your digital marketing business off the ground. 

  1. It’s the perfect time to upskill and train yourself. 

Let’s face it, since lockdown started we’ve scrubbed the surfaces, watched all the Netflix recommendations and even experimented, or at least contemplated experimenting, with baking. There are less procrastination outlets for us to indulge in and we still have a lot of free time on our hands. Maybe you’ve been furloughed, or your workload has greatly reduced, and no matter what your social calendar was like before, it now looks vastly different. Whatever your immediate situation, this could be the perfect chance to capitalise on the extra time you find yourself with right now.

Whatever has been standing in your way, those thoughts of why you’re not quite ready, or a skill you hadn’t quite mastered, now provides the time needed for you to upskill so that you can remove that barrier. There are countless sites offering free courses, or reduced rates. Courses on offer range from SEO tactics to graphic design, coding to tips on going freelance and building your brand. All elements of digital marketing, and the surrounding skill sets are available to explore. Sign up to hone a particular skill, invest in your development and remove the remaining roadblocks to setting up your business.

  1. Setting a goal can provide a sense of purpose in these uncertain times.

Some of us have been left feeling a little aimless, things that gave our normal days a sense of purpose, structure or direction no longer exist. No commute, no gym sessions at lunch or after work, no meeting friends for a drink or meal at the end of the day. Giving yourself a goal, and mapping out what you’d like to achieve each day, could help your mental health by giving your days focus once more. And imagine the sense of achievement when you finally launch something that you’ve been thinking about for a long time. I think we all need more of those endorphins at the moment.

It’s scientifically proven that achieving small tasks releases dopamine in the brain and makes us feel good. Giving yourself the larger task of launching a business, as well as those smaller steps each day which will make this result possible, will release dopamine at each stage – think of how great you’ll feel once you’ve actually launched! That sense of accomplishment is surely enough to spur you on. Why not put it to the test and feel the rush as you tick off those steps towards launching your business?

3. For many, in a time of job insecurity, it could be the perfect time to take the leap of faith it requires to start a new business. 

It is a time of uncertainty and job insecurity, if you have been furloughed, or if you have been let go, although it’s very hard, try to see it as an opportunity. So many companies that are huge now started through entrepreneurs who lost their jobs, felt like they did not have much else to lose, and just went for it, coming up with great ideas that grew, and made them successful entrepreneurs. 

Think of that old chestnut, diamonds are made under pressure. Life does feel unsure and uncomfortable right now, but often it takes a feeling of uncomfortableness to propel us to change. Maybe this period can start a fire in your belly to get moving and become your own boss. The job market isn’t going to look the same, and work environments aren’t going to be recognisable for a long while, perhaps this is the push you need to create your own role, be in charge of your future and carve out the ideal job for you. Look at where you add value, and bring that into your own venture.

4. Businesses are looking for new ways to connect with their customers and to market their products. 

Many businesses are looking for new ways to operate, and to reach their customers where they often would rely on face to face interaction, or marketing campaigns on public transport. When businesses are having to be more adaptable than ever to survive, and are actively seeking solutions, it is time to get creative with your offering. How can your digital marketing business help them find new ways to connect, and show their customers that they are still active? It’s the perfect opportunity for you to be innovative and offer businesses a solution in this unstable time as they look ahead to how they will have to modify in the weeks and months to come. At this time, connection online is key, your digital marketing business can fulfil a vital need for struggling companies. 

There is a large pool of potential clients that you can attract as a base for your new business if you offer innovative and creative solutions that are sensitive to the times. This client base could be a solid foundation for you starting out, as businesses want new ways of communicating their messaging clearly to their customers. There’s a potential market for your business that is eager for solutions, and forward focused on their business needs, this is where your new business could launch and step into the breach. Be smart, proactive and useful, and you’ll be able to hook businesses in with your valuable workarounds to the current disruptor.

5. Businesses are paying close attention to their bottom lines, but marketing may be an area they are willing to spend on.

Although companies are paying close attention to where their money is being spent, and paring back on unnecessary costs, it may be wise for them to keep investing in marketing spend in order to keep their brand awareness up until people start buying more. Lots of companies are researching new consumer habits shaped by this pandemic. Customers are engaging in a different way with brands and buying habits are shifting, but importantly they are still buying. They may be slower to make a purchase, but if you invest in clear communication over time with the consumer, that can yield beneficial results as people do have more time on their hands, and are focusing on many industries, from self-care to home-improvement projects. There are a lot of attentive potential customers spending more time online.

With some companies pulling the chunk of their marketing spend, the more prudent may invest more now for long term gain. There will be companies that want to implement their findings with new marketing campaigns to tap into shifting consumer habits. At a time when some companies may be cutting back their marketing spend, this then allows some competition to immediately decline, leaving more space for clear campaigns to cut through the noise. It’s not as overcrowded, so launching that perfect, sensitive campaign right now could be exactly the right move for some businesses and industries. Which, of course, is where your new business would come in.

If you’re in doubt of the benefit your new company could bring in this time, or want help convincing a prospective client why they should keep spending on marketing, you can read more on the benefit of investing in marketing when there is less competition, allowing you to gain a larger market share with less marketing spend. 

Final thought…

After disruption often comes innovation. Why not stay ahead and take that step now?  Both your extra time for productivity and the market place’s appetite for digital marketing makes now the perfect time to start your digital marketing business. You’ll be able to attract new clients willing to take a chance as they adapt and employ new strategies. There’s a perfect symbiosis of the time you have to invest in your business, and the landscape where businesses are looking closely at their bottom lines, but willing to spend on what will make a difference and ensure their survival post epidemic. Why not take that leap and set up your very own business, and feel the dopamine flood your bloodstream. If not now, then when?

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