UX Fundamentals And Leading Design Trends in 2021

UX fundamentals

Let’s admit it – 2020 changed UX design perceptions and, well, the course of people’s lives in many ways. Now the amount of time spent online is far more than before and that is why user experience is so important. 

Here we want to present you the leading trends in UI/UX design to create the best experience for your customers.

1. Personalization for better UX

Experts say is that personalization will play a major role in the upcoming year:

“It’s obvious now that people like to get some attention and like to feel like they’re in control. We’ve seen that many Spotify’s users share their end of the year round-ups as something they see as fun data. People also enjoy Netflix’s personalized experiences.”

 – Fabio Da Cruz – UI-UX/ Web Designer at Best Response Media

Personalization is a design approach in which the content that the customer receives is filtered according to what may their taste be. Their history of views, orders, region, date of birth in order to predict the customer’s wishes. 

This creates a feeling of connection and makes the user feel special. It’s also convenient and the customer can find the desired information faster.

2. The answer right in front of the user’s eyes

Today millions of users visit various websites and process tons of information. Customers want what they need to be right before their eyes, easy to find, at the right moment. The design has to lead the users to the important information and not distracting them from it. This approach is best for websites that present valuable topics. 

Minimalism plays a magnificent role in this case. The shapes, colors and structure of the design are simple and are neither distracting, nor confusing.

3. Good UX with voice interaction and air gestures 

Both voice interaction and air gestures are taking the UX to a different level of a touchless interaction. They make the workflow faster, simpler and easier. For example, via voice recognition, you can translate on the spot. Also, UX is important for browser searching and is even beneficial for customers who have some sort of disability. 

Air gesture is trend that will certainly dominate in 2021 since it’s something new and improves the user’s experience. It’s a technique in which a person interacts with their device using gestures, without touching it.

4. Simpler login

One-step login is becoming a trend in 2021. Designers are aiming for fast registration without frustration. They decrease the number of fields to fill out to the minimum and require less actions for the desired result.

Another thing in addition to this trend is logging in without passwords but via face or voice recognition, fingerprints or PIN code. 

5. AI improves UX

Artificial intelligence is one of the newest and most advanced technologies nowadays. You can create an amazing user experience by combining it with your website and automating many of the mundate tasks. For example, AI can do wonders for collecting and filtering data in order to achieve the personalized experience, as previously mentioned. 

6. Mobile design

Since most users enter websites through their phones, designers need to create a design that looks good not only on desktops, but also on the mobile screens. Realizing how important are both web and mobile designs and not approaching them the same way is essential. Phones have smaller screen, so the website has to be made both attractive and convenient for the users. 

7. Onboarding 

Onboarding is shortly presenting a mobile application so that the customer understands what it’s used for. In order to improve the user’s experience, it’s recommended to keep it simple and fast to comprehend. Its goal is to inform, but also impress before it’s actually used.   

8. Unique and memorable UX

Source: WordPress.com

In the everyday flow it is mostly tiring to try to remember so much information and where it came from. A helpful guide to the users would be the unforgettable design of the website they have visited. This could be achieved in various ways:


Another UI/UX design trend is using illustrations that are unique, realistic and unrealistic, quirky and colorful. They can be used for storytelling or just improving the users’ experience. 

– Play with colors 

Neon, pastel, bright colors and combinations can play an amazing role in reaching the desired unique design. Find what color combination your business requires and don’t be afraid to try out different options. 

The usage of gradients also becomes a huge trend, because they are colorful and expressive. Some of them have 2-3 colors and others go up to 10. 

– Asymmetrical design

Asymmetrical design is certainly helpful if you want to add character to your design and make it unique. Still, you should be careful to not make it confusing for the customer. Make sure you display all the key information well and that it’s easy to find.

– 3D experience

3D forms are trending for years now, but what is different is that designers are aiming for a whole 3D experience. This trend is becoming more and more valuable with the advancement of AR and VR technologies. Designers can create abstractions and show different angles of objects that aren’t real-life. They even try to create a whole 3D scene experience, also using storytelling in their design.

– Animations 

Starting from the little buttons and transitions to 3D scenes, animations are often used to attract customers. They are mostly satisfying and improve the motion and flow of the website. Animations can be used for storytelling and expressing the purpose of something much better than a simple static picture.


Often a certain font associates with a particular brand. Yes, that’s the power of typography and many people underestimate it. It can play a huge role in your unique style, and also highlight the important information. 

– Dark mode

This web design option has become popular and is most of the times required. It’s not only healthier for the user’s eyes, but also looks attractive, saves battery and highlights different design elements. It’s preferable most of the time, even during the daylight. 

 Final thoughts 

The most important UI/UX design trend is creating the best personal experience for the users. Making them feel special by personalizing their content. Also making sure they don’t forget and enjoy the unique style of the website. 

We hope this information was helpful and we wish you good luck in creating the best design for your customers!

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